Everyday we throw away a lot of stuff that can be recycled. Recycling and upcycling is good not only because it helps to save money but also because it helps to save the planet. Today, we collected for you the best crafting life hacks and ideas.
You can recycle old plain candles. If you have some white candles, melt them and add a crayon to add up some color to the melted mixture. After this, you can make beautiful candles out of this mixture. We made a rose candle. Do you want to learn how to make it? Watch the first DIY tutorial in this video. You can use the leftovers to make cool bottle-shaped candles. If you buy cheese, and it has wax cover, you can use this wax as a base for candles.
You can make a lot of cool things using old bottles and we are pretty sure that you know it. However, you probably don't know that you can even use the bottom of a bottle as a cute flower stamp. Learn how to make a lamp out of a bottle (spoiler: you'll need liquid detergent for that). You can make an edible chocolate bottle.
Paper rolls are awesome when it comes to upcycling. You can use them as covers for sharp objects, as dissolving flower pots, you can even make funny toys out of them. Learn how to make pompoms using toilet paper rolls and make cool fabric stamps out of them.
Mod podge is another awesome craft material, however, there are some unexpected uses for it. You can use it for making pictures look vintage, for screen stamping, and many other things.
Make sure you watch this video up to the end and learn how to make a giant slime.
0:53 - Bottle candles
3:33 - Paper rolls hacks
7:21 - Mod podge hacks
9:14 - DIY slime
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